Successful Geothermal Energy installation in Oakville, ON!

Successful Geothermal Energy installation in Oakville, ON!

Subterra and Cimpatico Studios and are joining forces to produce a 3-part mini-series over the course of November-June. The episodes will be live streamed from our LinkedIn account and will consist of a panel of guests chosen by Subterra. The episode will be similar to a podcast. Episode 1 details are below:


Episode 1: “A Developer’s Perspective on Installing Geothermal with Core Development Group”

This episode will go into detail on the benefits of utilizing geothermal energy, such as carbon reduction & mechanical penthouse size reduction. It will also touch upon the cost and effect on bottom line (being the first to drill on site, EAAS model (one of our 4 models, aka energy-as-a-service) and construction/financing. Lastly, we will discuss the practicality of transitioning from a conventional heating/cooling system to geothermal & exactly how to integrate geothermal in new developments.

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