Subterra Solution

The Subterra Solution

We Provide clean and renewable thermal energy to building owners

Subterra’s vision is to create change in our communities through reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment. We enable our clients to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We believe in delivering exceptional service to our clients, partners, residents and society at large so we can all contribute to building a better future! 

The Subterra Solution

Customized Solutions For Your Building

Subterra takes a holistic approach to designing our systems in conjunction with our developer partners. No two buildings are the same, and that’s why we’ve created a process to determine the best solution whatever the unique characteristics of a particular building or site. Every project is designed to optimize the value of your development.

We believe in delivering a complete building solution. That’s why we have flexible options to ownership of not only the GeoExchange field, but the entire building’s heating and cooling system, whether that’s a supplementary boiler, cooling tower, or even heat pumps in-suite. With Subterra, you can be confident that all of your HVAC bases are covered.

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The Subterra Solution

Our Process

Step 1

Developers contract Subterra to build, own, and operate a GeoExchange system for their building

Step 2

Subterra’s System provides clean and renewable thermal energy to building owners

Step 3

Building owners pay a fixed monthly fee to Subterra for heating, cooling, and hot water

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Subterra's GeoExchange heating and cooling system works by exchanging heat energy between your building and the ground. Geothermal heat pumps are able to capture the energy (heat) from the earth and transfer the heat into the building to provide an economical and environmentally friendly form of heating (and cooling).


Subterra's GeoExchange systems produce thermal energy for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water only and do not generate electricity.


Subterra will own, operate and maintain the entire system.


Subterra's GeoExchange system can substantially reduce a building's energy use intensity (EUI) and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI) which are two major components of the TGS Energy Efficiency, GHG, and Resilience metrics.


Borehole drilling is the most challenging part of the system installation process. In most cases, Subterra is able to drill from grade on a flat site and cut and crimp the ground heat exchanger for future retrieval. This can be done either before or during the shoring process to minimize any impact on the critical path.


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