Sustainability Mission

Subterra’s sustainability mission is to drive the clean energy transition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, we are committed to helping in the innovation of net zero building design, supporting ESG investor initiatives, and streamlining the design, installation, and operation of GeoExchange systems for developers who aim to build green. Our ultimate goal is to fundamentally change the way larger-scale buildings operate to produce little to no GHG emissions. 

We strongly believe that the way to protect our planet from climate change is through large-scale carbon reductions and innovations in emission control. Our partnerships with developers will allow them to build living spaces and communities which are less harmful to the environment and, along with the residents, contribute to a better future. 


Strategic Pillars

We believe in people. We believe in their ability to innovate and to make real change for the future when they are able to come and work together. 

Championing People

We are only as strong as the people who work with us. Whether it's our employees or development partners, we believe in empowering them to do their best work.

Clean Energy Solutions

Our ultimate goal is to provide clean energy solutions to all new construction buildings in our society through technological innovations and partnerships with developers.

Driving resilient operations

We understand that it's not enough to simply install a new clean energy supply system in buildings. We also aim to provide the best customer service and knowledgable problem solving by our experts

2022 Sustainability

Advancing Climate action across North America

We are not just focused on the Canadian market, but across North America. As one of the richest and most industrialized parts of the world, North America is prone to producing large amounts of carbon emissions. According to the Environment Protection Agency, commercial and residential emissions accounted for 13% of the total greenhouse gas emission in the USA in 2020. It is our goal to reduce that number significantly in the next 20-30 years. 

About Us

Toronto Green Standard

In the City of Toronto, the Toronto Green Standard (TSG) has set a goal to achieve zero emissions from new buildings by 2028 and to reduce GHG emissions to net zero by 2040. We are at the centre of this program by driving innovations and helping developers understand the benefits of constructing under the the TSG tiers. Developers may qualify for a Development Charge refund if constructing at higher tiers. For example, developers will have to accommodate electric vehicles in 25% of parking spaces to achieve Tier 2. 

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