Why GeoExchange


What is GeoExchange?

 Subterra’s GeoExchange heating and cooling system works by exchanging heat energy between your building and the ground. Although temperatures above ground fluctuate seasonally, five feet below ground it stays consistent throughout the year. GeoExchange is the most energy-efficient heating and cooling technology in the world because it simply exchanges heat between the building and the earth rather than generating new heat.

The benefits of GeoExchange

Subterra’s systems deliver incredibly low-carbon, energy-efficient buildings that are designed for the future. There are numerous benefits for Developers and Buyers alike.

Developer Benefits

Increase market appeal

Align to market trends with a green building designed for the future that increases net saleable rooftop area by 50%

Installation and Operation Confidence

Subterra drills from grade before construction to minimize any critical path impact, supported by the largest drilling fleet in North America. We use multi-staged testing to ensure optimal system installation and performance

Ensure building approvals

Meet green building standards and investor ESG targets by reducing carbon emissions by up to 90% and energy use by up to 85%

Reduce Development costs

Eliminate the upfront capital cost of conventional HVAC when Subterra designs, builds, owns and operates the GeoExchange system

Buyer Benefits

Maximize Market Value while Contributing to a Better Future

Invest in a building with increased amenity space, the most advanced technology, lower operating costs and utility bills. All while reducing carbon emissions and energy use

Future Proof Your Investment

Invest in the most durable and energy-efficient technology on the market with zero use of natural gas to guarantee a stable energy supply, monthly utility costs and annual increases

Reliable and Proven Technology

GeoExchange systems are incredibly reliable with less need for maintenance than conventional systems. They have been widely used in North America and Europe for over 30 years

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