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We go beyond installing a new geothermal exchange system.  Our services extend to operating and maintaining both new and existing systems. We are committed to providing exceptional client service and unparalleled expertise.


Energy as a Service

Installation of the complete geothermal exchange system at no upfront cost.


Joint Ownership

Partial financing to jointly own a complete geothermal system. Ongoing operations, maintenance and reporting can be provided by Subterra.


System Acquisition

Subterra actively pursues the acquisition of existing and operating geothermal exchange systems.


Geothermal Exchange Drilling

Complete drilling services for vertical geothermal exchange borehole drilling at depths up to and beyond 1,000’.


Test Hole and Thermal Conductivity Testing

Subterra drills test holes and uses specialized equipment for thermal conductivity testing and project feedback prior to finalizing the design.


Experienced Asset Management

Manage geothermal systems to ensure the building energy system is optimized.  Provide real time critical system diagnostic monitoring and reporting.

Geothermal exchange can be integrated into a variety of applications, including:

Residential mid- and high-rise
Institutional, commercial, and industrial
District heating and cooling

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