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Our Services

Geothermal Drilling

Subterra Renewables ("Subterra") is a vertically integrated geothermal utility company.​ Subterra drills use leading edge technology. With our own geothermal drilling rigs and existing partnerships with geothermal drillers and experts across North America, we offer streamlined geothermal drilling services. For our clients, this means that partnering with Subterra ensures that projects get completed flawlessly and on time.

Shoring & Earth Retention

Subterra's Turnkey division is a full-service shoring contractor that is licensed and insured with years of experience offering quality shoring services. Turnkey Shoring has been operating from the GTA since 2013 servicing all of Southern Ontario. Working directly with the client ensures both geothermal drilling and shoring are completed and scheduled on time with little disruption to the critical path. When geothermal drilling and shoring are done at the same time, it will save clients time, increase safety and avoid any schedule delays that may occur.