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Technology Reclaiming
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Geothermal Exchange

The most energy-efficient heating and cooling technology in the world.

While the temperature above ground fluctuate seasonally, ten feet below it stays consistent throughout the year. Aura is the most energy-efficient heating and cooling technology in the world because it simply transfers heat between the building and the earth rather than generating it new.

In the City of Toronto, the Toronto Green Standard (TGS) has set a goal to achieve zero emissions from new buildings by 2028 and to reduce GHG emissions to net zero by 2040. Aura, and Subterra, is at the centre of this program by driving innovations and helping developers understand and experience the benefits of constructing under the TGS tiers.

The First of its Kind

A customized solution
for your building.
Earth, coupled.

Subterra takes a holistic, collaborative approach to system designs. Each building is unique, and our process determines the best solution for the special characteristics of a building or site. Every project is designed to optimize the development and its energy efficiency.


Harmony begins at home.

For Developers

Increase Market Appeal
Operational Confidence
Building Approvals
Eliminate Upfront Capital Cost

For Residents

Maximize Market Value
Protection From Rising Utility Costs
Proven Technology

Ask the experts

Voice and reason.

Have questions that need answering? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions on what we do and how we do it.

How Does Subterra’s Technology Work?

Subterra’s GeoExchange heating and cooling system works by exchanging heat energy between your building and the ground. Geothermal heat pumps are able to capture the energy (heat) from the earth and transfer the heat into the building to provide an economical and environmentally friendly form of heating (and cooling).

Do Subterra's Systems Generate Electricity?

Subterra's GeoExchange systems produce thermal energy for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water only and do not generate electricity.

How Much Will It Cost To Install This System In My New Development?

Subterra will own, operate and maintain the entire system.

Can Subterra Help Developers Achieve Enhanced Building Codes Such As The Toronto Green Standard (TGS)?

Subterra's GeoExchange system can substantially reduce a building's energy use intensity (EUI) and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI) which are two major components of the TGS Energy Efficiency, GHG, and Resilience metrics.

How Does Working With Subterra Affect My Critical Path?

Borehole drilling is the most challenging part of the system installation process. In most cases, Subterra is able to drill from grade on a flat site and cut and crimp the ground heat exchanger for future retrieval. This can be done either before or during the shoring process to minimize any impact on the critical path.

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